If You Plant It,

It Will Grow.

Bringing Plant-based Foods

& Entertainment Together

Nafsika's Garden is the new "cheese"​ in town and Plant-Based By Nafsika is the world's first #vegan lifestyle series on mainstream television (A&E Network)

Enjoy Delicious Flavours

Make the Plant-Based Switch

With your health coach, Nafsika

  • No Need to Compromise Your Taste Buds

  • Avoid Getting Sick

  • Get Healthier... Faster

  • Take Online Course & Go At Your Own Pace

About Nafsika Inc.

Bringing Plant-Based Food & Entertainment Together

Nafsika Inc. is a conscious company offering innovations for your well-being. 

Nafsika's Garden is the new "cheese"​ in town that is hitting mainstream markets and our TV series, Plant-Based By Nafsika, is the first and still the only vegan lifestyle series on mainstream television (A&E Network). 

At Nafsika Inc, we're making #vegan mainstream.

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